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A R T I S T   P R O J E C T
M O D E L  C L I E N T

Artisan Baby Portrait Design occasionally looks for model clients to participate in sessions when creating a specific look and for trying new props, locations or techniques! If this is something you might be interested in, read on and apply below!

Info Form & Contract


Artisan Baby is currently seeking:

2nd and 3rd trimester pregnancies are wanted to model in images for studio promotional materials and marketing campaigns

Please Note:

If selected, model clients will be asked to place a $125 retainer fee to book the portrait session appointment. Your retainer is collected as a good faith deposit that you will attend your model session. This fee may be refunded to you, applied towards a gift print and the corresponding digital image file, or you may apply it towards the purchase of a larger piece, album or digital collection.


This fee will be forfeited in the event you cancel, or do not participate, or do not arrive on time to your scheduled portrait appointment.  

Please fill out the form below and I will contact you if I think you’re the right fit for this project. From there, we will go through a session planning consultation in which I can provide you more details on the process and we will design your session. 

Art products & additional digital images are available for purchase but are not included.


No purchase is required.


A signed model release is mandatory in order to hold your session, as the images we capture will ultimately be used for studio promotion

on the web, on social media, in print, studio samples, etc.



If you have currently booked a session of the same type or have an active relationship with another photographer, due to professional courtesy we ask that you do not apply.

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